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Jungle XXL 200pc 8+ Jigsaw Puzzle

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A marvellous range of dazzling, gorgeous colours and amazing attention to detail make this puzzle with 200 extra extra large pieces a fun, energetic experience while learning about some of the fascinating animals found in the jungle. This puzzle is packed full of beautifully painted animals typically found in the humid tropical jungles. Of course only the smallest collection of jungle animals is represented in this painting - the jungle contains more than half the total species of animals in the world. And not just mammals - the jungle has a massive variety of insects, fish and birds, not to mention plants. Completely new species of animal are being found all the time and unfortunately due to the clearing of trees for farming and other forms of human development many species are going extinct at the same time. With its bright splendid colours and exciting collection of life, this puzzle will keep children entertained for hours.

Dimensions: 58 x 25cm

Number of Pieces: 200