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Get FREE Delivery to Ireland on orders over €50

1000-1500 pc Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - PREMIUM

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1000-1500 pc Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - PREMIUM

Introducing our new Mystery PREMIUM Jigsaw Puzzles! Like our Mystery Bargain Jigsaw Puzzles (that are slightly bumped and bruised), we will send you a surprise Jigsaw Puzzle for a fraction of it's original price.

So why are these Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles 'Premium'?
Well, these puzzles are NOT damaged and will arrive in pristine condition! We will simply send you a mystery 1000-1500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle for the bargain price of £5.99 that will arrive in perfect condition. The fun of it is that you won't know what Puzzle it will be - you will only know what size it is!

If you want to order more than one of our fantastically priced puzzles, we will make sure you do not receive the same puzzle twice.

As this is a mystery puzzle and comes at a great price they are not covered by our normal returns policy.

The RRP’s of these jigsaws may vary but it will be worth at least £11.99 or higher when on general sale, finished sizes may vary but piece count will be between 1000 and 1499.